A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament (O. Wilde)

I was born in Florence and have always lived here. Since I was a child I have always been attracted by manual work and even then collected cardboard and odd pieces of wood from a local carpenter which I then used to make my own toys. Later, in high school, I studied for five years at the renowned Art Institute of Florence where I specialized in the plastic arts and decoration. Here I learned to model clay and plaster, to carve wood and marble and to paint. In the afternoons I went to an artisan's workshop where I was able to put into practice the skills learned at school. I also began to acquire the secrets of the trade necessary to carry out a well one work. Upon receiving my diploma I was hired by a large restoration organization where I stayed for seven years. It was here that I refined my theoretical and practical knowledge and where I was able to work on important projects such as the ones listed below:

- The restoration of the choir on the church of the Confraternity of S. Michael in Concio (Pistoia).
- The restoration of the Lendinara inlayed wooden panels with scenes in perspective for the Carthusian Monastery of Ferrara.
- The restoration of the choir of the Cathedral of Maratea and on other mechanical parts of the Altars.
-The restoration of the inlay marble pieces in the S. Agostine Museum of Genova.
- The restoration of the wooden cross in the Duomo of Modena.
- The restoration of the crucifix of Benedetto da Maiano in the S. Marco Museum of Florence.

Twenty three years ago I opened my own workshop and have collaborated continually with antique dealers and with Administrators of various museums , who are usually very demanding and competent. I have been responsibly for the restorations of wooden doors in Genova at the Ducal Palace, that have had to be re-lacquered and shined back to their original luster, and I worked on the antique lantern of an antique galleon of the 15th century for the Naval Museum.
Over the years I have discovered an interest for reproductions of antique models and so, for example, I have been able to reproduce copies of a Madonna from a small town in Basilicata for a group of Italian immigrants in Sidney, Australia and other pieces like this for American interior designers.

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