An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision (J. Whistler)

This is the creative side of my job. I can invent modern useful items that never existed in a style of the past or a particular place, and in this I can use the techniques and materials of the time. This gives me the opportunity to study and interpret the past and the embellishments used during that particular period. My personal satisfaction is to create something as close as possible to the original time piece, but difficult to distinguish in the present. In order to do this I recycle materials such as wood, metal, marble, glass etc. or where impossible to find old material I have to age and adapt things to get the desired effects.
The reproduction of furniture, frames etc. are created by using models, a photo or a design also from the clients. Each piece is unique and never reproduced again except when the client orders a specific number of the same pieces. The entire object, from the design to the finished piece is carried out entirely in my workshop. The estimates for costs are free and the materials required are worked out before had with the client.

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