Great art picks up where nature ends (M. Chagall)

This is my original activity and the one I still do most frequently. Restoration can be carried out in various ways depending on the object, how it was made, the materials used and it's value.
The most recent method used is to try to take the piece (furniture, sculpture, or frame) back to it's original form and the purpose is to free it from any parts that altered or falsified the original structure. In certain cases it is necessary to replace parts that are missing and here we try to use materials that are neutral to the surroundings, but integrate we.., but with a close look one can discern the restored pieces. In this was the object returns to it's original form and hasn't become "something else".
Another solution is more traditional which means to integrate and complete the antique item in an invisible was by using the same materials or those closest to the original and to use the same techniques in order to camouflage the new parts.
A third way is to mix the two above methods in order to create a piece that meets the requirements of the client and to over come certain difficulties otherwise impossible.
I particularly enjoy working on objects that have different materials assembled together, such as wood , glass and metal or on pieces made from wax, papier machè and plaster. I also enjoy carving in marble and just as the ancient sculptors did to integrate the missing parts.

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